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Auto Trans Problems

29 March 2008
So Cal
I have a 95 with an Auto. The check engine light has come on a few times recently. The code has been P0740. The last time, the code was not only P0740, but also P0700. The car is performing without problems. It has 95,000 miles today and I understand the torque converter was rebuilt around 80,000 miles. Do I have sensor problems or is the tranny giving me warning signs. I knew there are only a few auto owners, but hopefully someone can give me some tips...

Thats really strange. I have a 92 with the original trans, never been rebuilt but have changed the fluid the same time as the oil change and I have 178,000 mi. Shad at driving ambitions did a engine refresh with manual cams and said my trans looks good. Id call him with the codes and see what he comes up with.
Well I've driven roughly 100 miles since I reset the check engine and it hasn't returned, but I'm feeling confident, it will. Is there anything I should do besides resetting the warning light? Any advice...

Other than listiening for weird noises I guess you can do very little. I've always wanted to put in a trans temp display so I know if Im about to burn up the trans. But I havn't found anyone thats willing to take on the challenge.

A couple of weeks and a few hundred miles and the light is still out. Again, the car seems to be operating as it should. My mechanic reset the light last time and told me to take it to the dealer. And I had faith....