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Axle replacement - passenger right - gap space between intermediate - insane shafts

18 December 2008
Philadelphia Area
I ordered a passenger/right side drive axle from insane shafts for my 91 manual. I read a DIY on nsxprime, and was able to remove the old oem one, and put in the new insane shaft one. I've always done work on all my cars, so I would consider myself mechanically inclined.

QUESTION: Is ANY space between the axle and intermediate shaft acceptable? The stock one had no gap, so I was surprised that my insane shaft one currently has a small gap (maybe I just need to force it in more than I already have somehow *shrug*). It feels like it's locked in, although I can wiggle it back and forth a little. I'm open to hearing info from anyone with oem or insane shafts. (I tried tagging a few nsxprime members to this thread based on a nsxprime search that suggested they had experience with insane shafts).

Here's a pic of mine showing the gap.
<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/6djW1XdrAUkHEFR6dFd0pnhMvWksWvW1mZ0H8TVWUvBfLnVY_rckHbKPmcBRQ_E6X8eFuEe-zqpUVLZilhYuHbosqEL_6fjr5xHC54IT4WAzlfApsHi7j1d_iIVK1HU3HlCHNFXcVg=w1060-h1413-no" />

THIS VIDEO BELOW IS NOT ME. I found this video on nsxprime, and it appears this guy has a small gap (starts at 0:15s), so maybe it's ok???
<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/222695232" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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Can't see the picture. If it's past the locking ring then it's all good. Small gap should be there.

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Image should be working now (image was showing last night... but not showing as embedded in my original post this morning huh... so I just manually added <img /> today instead of using forum editor tool, so it should show.

Great to hear that a small gap is fine! It's definitely locked in haha, as I tried taking the insane shaft out last night so I could take actual measurements and compare to the oem (even spent a little bit of time this morning too) and it does not want to come out. Getting the oem was out was hard, but not this hard.

THANK YOU solidol and Kitaka for your quick replies! Now I can have this project wrapped today (aka end of weekend) :smile:
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