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B4 and After Dyno's on Comptech Supercharger

19 May 2000
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Just got my car back from dyno centre...Mods include Comptech supercharger, Airbox, headers and exhaust...same Dyno machine used b4 and after...

B4, Hp at 233, tourque at 188

After, Hp at 318, tourque at 225

These #'s are, of course, rear wheel...

Seems HP has been increased by 36%, and tourque by 20%...subjectivley, the accelleration feels wild, but the tourque #'s seems a little low..

Anyone else with similar mods get same/diff. results? Would appreciate hearing from u.....

Yo Goldy:

I'm sure that many of us without superchargers are very interested to hear from you about differences you "feel" with your new CompTech supercharger. The dyno numbers you gave us are impressive, but there's nothing like hearing your subjective evaluation of before and after performances. Is the new performance almost too scary, or is it completely managable using stock suspension and wheels/tires? etc.....Are you supercharged about the new performance or are you underwhelmed? Please write us about your observations/feeling before and after. RSVP.

Please see my post of June 30th ("1st boot in comptech supercharged NSX"), it still applies at this time...
And in answer to your question, I am very happy with the setup, especially the new sound of the engine and exhaust, and of course, the accelleration is WILD. I feel it is Just within the stock NSX's ability to cope (clutch,suspension,etc....),Still a very smooth car to drive.
Will update in a few more weeks....

I read with great enjoyment your June 30 report below on your intial impressions on your CompTech supercharger performance, and thanks for the update in this thread. All sounds like I would be very interested in the conversion, except for one thing: your description of the replacement CompTech T-top compartment over the engine.

I am so impressed with the stock T-top compartment. Everything about it says precision. I put the top in, sliding it against the front edge and the cover goes down over the top to the latch perfectly. With a single firm press to the top the latch clicks shut and tight like a fine Swiss mechanism.

I'm a little concerned about what the CompTech container looks like, but more importantly, how it operates. It has zippers??? Really, zippers? Is it cloth rather than rigid material? I could find no CompTech photos of the T-top container on thier site. Do you have digital photos you can send in, or do you know where good photos can be viewed on line? How would you describe the before and after of the looks and function this compartment?

Hey Dude...

Would you believe I just lent my sister the camera yesterday???...LOL. I will re-post by the weekend with pictures and more details, but have no fear...NOT as bad as it looked originally.
The T-top compartment has a top part and bottom part(over the engine), same as b4...
However, although the bottom part is still that molded material similar to the stock cover, the top part is made up of black cloth with zippers on the 2 sides, some leather? stiched around the hem...and obviously no more latch/handle mechanism to aid in opening up the T-top storage area ...
At first it was a little harder to close the rear engine hatch than b4 (even without the top in the compartment) . With the T-top stored properly, it seemed to press up against the rear hatch glass pretty tight, even harder to close...BUT,
took it back to Acura, they adjusted the bolts holding the compartment in place and...VOILA'.....Now it closes just like stock, both with and without the T-top in storage..no more tightness on the rear glass and just as secure as stock cover (re: shock absorbtion and movement)See...not to worry!
As for the look, Its as good as u can imagine given the materials used...Not cheesy, but not quite as boss as stock.
Overall, I'd give it a 80% visual and 98% functionality grade(2% off for no more lift handle/latch), good enough not to let it be a real issue regarding the Purchase ( at least to me, anyways).
Now that I've seen and used it since it was adjusted, I feel Comptech has done a good job with their revised storage system,especially considering that they probably engineered it on their own...not as flimsy as it first appeared...
However,will let you know if the seams start unraveling...LOL.
Will get those pics up by Sunday, so check back again then....later.


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Hey all

As promised, here are pictures of the new Targa top "holder" for my Comptech Supercharged NSX-T.Hope these give you a better idea of what youre lookin at...

If you are interested in seeing some other pics of this car and of the Supercharger install, please refer to this sites FORUMS...PICTURE GALLERY...under "pictures to post".





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Why don't you post your gas mileage on the thread below (Real world ga mileage) before and after installation of your CompTech supercharger? RSVP.


Another thing: your photos above seem to show that your replacement T-top compartment sticks up about 5-6 inches higher than the stock compartment. If this observation is correct, why is it designed that way? Is there a clearance problem using the supercharger?


Also, Is your rearward vision bad now?

1995 NSX-T Red/Tan Stock

Has your gas mileage changed??

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s

These are the #'s I got from my 93 NSX:

245.8 Max RWHP
190.1 Max TORQUE

Comptech SC/Headers/Exhaust (stock intake):
333.2 Max RWHP
244.2 Max TORQUE

2 months ago I bought my second NSX, a 91. I just put on another set of Comptech SC/headers/exhaust. Will be dynoing very shortly. This new one I dynoed stock:

243.7 Max RWHP
186.2 Max TORQUE

I will post the result of SC 91 in a few days. If you want to compare dyno graphs of any of my results, feel free to email me.
Thanx Nimbus and David for your #'s, they seem pretty consistent with each other and with other dyno results I've seen....
I wonder why mine seem a little low, about 20 pts in both HP and Torque. The car is a 95 with only 16000 km (about 10,000 miles), I can't imagine the fuel pump needs replacing!?!
Still like the subjective feel, but sure would love those 20 pts!!

The work was all done by acura, all comptech stuff(SC,headers,exhaust and intake)done at same time.

David and Nimbus, you guys seem to have done this b4 (ie..multiple supercharged NSX's), if you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the "Missing 20" I sure would appreciate hearing them....eitherway, thanx for the #'s

sorry for my late response, just noticed your posts now.....
Rearward vision is essentially unchanged, It never even crossed my mind until u mentioned it...
Also, MPG are at about 16, (70% city, 30% hwy), @ 40% floored, 60% law abiding citizen.

Just got my SC 91 dynoed today. A little dissapointing since it's a bit lower than my SC 93. (see my previous post)

Max Power: 320.8
Max Torque: 238.2

Comptech SC/headers/exhaust (stock intake)
6 speed w/ 4:55 R&P
The Florida Chapter has several cars with forced induction or NOS setups. It has been our observation that anytime a car isn't dyno'ing what it "should", the culprit has been a fuel pump that isn't up to par. One of these cars was very new, '99 with low miles. You may want to have the outlet pressure checked on your pump to see if this may be the case with your car.
It could very well be the fuel pump. I got several more HP from mine when I went to an adjustable Boost-a-Pump (plate inserts) and fiddled with it on the dyno to match the fuel curve to the boost curve. I also ended up with slightly larger injectors.

You will not be able to get an exact match on the two curves without fully upgrading to a programmable system, becuase one is pretty linear and the other is a much more of a curve. You can get a pretty good fit if the dyno had an O2 sniffer and you can tell where you are running rich and where you are running lean, then adjust the fuel curve accordingly.
Hey all,

No times prior to mods, but would expect typical 3.0 targa performance figures based on dynos b4 mods...best "unofficial"time I could manage was 12.7 after mods.

Even with the comparativly low torque of my SC, launching is a bitch when the boost kicks in a little to early...any launching suggestions David or TampaBay??

As to the issue of the missing "20 pts",I will arrange to have my fuel pump checked ASAP.According to my service advisor at Acura the fuel pump either works or dosn't, it is the regulator(which was replaced as part of Mods)that might be adversly affecting the fuel pressure ..thx to all for advice.


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