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Bad Experience Buying Wheels From Wheelguyz!!

4 May 2005
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
At the beginning of the month i decided it was time for some rims. I look and found the WheelGuyz website. It wasn't long before I was on the phone ordering. I was told i would have the wheels in a 1- 1 1/2 weeks. 2 weeks go by and I'm getting frustrated. I call and they explain the wheels werent in stock and they had to special order them(understandable), They say one more week. A week comes and goes still NO WHEELS! Now im gettin pissed. Finally i call and they tell me one more week!?!?! I just about loose it. The guy tells me they have the same wheels in stock just not chrome. Being so sick of hearing excuses i agree on the non chrome wheels. The man tells me I will have them today(wedensday 22) the day is almost over and still no wheels! It gets better, So I call to see whats goin on, Tryin to stay calm i get a salesman. I start to tell him the problem then i'm imeadiatly transfered to a voicemail box. I call back only to be hung up on. I continue to call and continue to be transfered. I eventually leave a message only to never be called back. How do these folks stay open with business like this? Anyone else had such a experience? It it pushing one month now and still no rims. This has been the worst wheel buying experience, and I will not refer them nore do business with them agian!
Damn that sux, I ordered my wheels from them awhile ago and recieved them within 4 days. Who was your sales rep (PM me your info) I have delt with them on 3 sets of wheels and I always ask for the same person. I can try to help ya since I have had good experience in the past.

lemme know
I too am looking for a new set of wheels. I recently bought some from a fellow prime member that lied to me about his. :mad:
I thought I ran across their website last night while looking but didn't see where they offered any for the NSX. Obviously it looks like they do. :confused:
Did you give them any $$$ up front or are they coming COD?
yea i paid in full a month ago when I had first placed the order. So not only do they have my money , but also my wheels. One thing i can't get over is how the say they have "hassle free customer service" and so far it's nothing but a hassle.
If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company and file a dispute. Credit card company will do a charge back (withold the money from seller) immediately until proof can be provided by seller that the transection concluded satisfactorily. Trust me. A charge back will get their attention.

Good luck!
hopefully you didn't pay in cash. I won't do any business with someone unless they take credit card.
you are not alone!!! daren from wheelguys took my order and had it shipped by fed ex, it took one week after 3 promises that my wheels would arrive. after waiting i called fed ex and they had lost one of my wheels! monday one wheel, wednesday another, friday another, just poor service!!!!

two words-NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!
I would file a complaint in writing with the company, call the BBB and file a complaint too.

Hopefully you charged the wheels for the protection the charge company offers. If so, call and immediately have them initiate an investigation and refund the money paid.

Then I would make sure you post your experience in big letters on this site as well as other sites to warn off others from doing business with them.

Good luck and I hope you get either the wheels you want or the money you paid.
I had no prob with them and I only bought from them because another prime member did. Darren was who I delt with there. Ask for him maybe he can help he has helped a few prime people before.
Sorry for your troubles.

I also bought a set from them for my TL just three weeks ago and everything was smooth and arrived on the 4th days instead of 5 days. no complaint here. i think who ever took your order just dropped the ball. sorry to hear that irregardless.

MarkB said:
Look up 'irregardless' in the dictionary.
my mom's head pops off when i would say that....
no mas!!!
I have some wheels that I can get for customers in 2 days, others in 2 months, yet others still in 6 months. They are not always to blame, UNLESS they lied to you. If they say that they are in stock, and you wait over a week, that is not correct. I am actually a retailer for them, but they have not given me fair pricing on the HP's, so I get them from HP DIrect, and also another wholesaler. Next time give me a try, I will not say that they are in stock, if they are actually not in stock just for you to place the order. Ok now back to work catching up on my emails! My power supply was stolen out of my hotel room Mon and my battery was dead. I am now 4 days behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
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RP-Motorsports said:
Ok now back to work catching up on my emails! My power supply was stolen out of my hotel room Mon and my battery was dead. I am now 4 days behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hi Tom,
That explains it.
I was trying to figure out why you haven't responded to my emails. I was going to call you tomorrow. I'll wait to hear from you. Please call me when you get the chance.

I just checked with RPM, and they have them in stock. Hurry. I get a lot of price inquirey's, but only money paid will get you a set! These go fast.

I still reccomend going with a 215-35-18 front, to reduce any rubbing chance. The Hankook K104's are a great deal @ $596/set

These are as low as $1361 to your door!