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Bad track accident

Well, I'm convinced - I'm staying behind the guard wall.
Acura NsX Pilot said:
I dunno something about that video footage didnt look real....the runner looked like it was dubbed in and where was the blood ??

I also agree, not very three dimensional as the person gets hit.
Also, there is another runner (really jogger) in the foreground as the car rebounds off the wall. Very odd.
First rule of motorsports spectating - if your not behind the guard rail never ever turn your back on moving vehicles!!
After closer inspection, I think it's real. The driver's side door becomes dented after the spectator makes contact, and you can see his shadow on the car right before impact, too.
...hard to tell if it is real or not...you would think that you would hear a car sliding out of control towards you....the guy never looked back, even when the car was just about to hit him...I checked in slow motion. Plus, the camera would have stayed on that, and not panned back to the track if it was real. What camera man in their right mind would lose the shot of a car hitting a pedestrian just to go back to the race??