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Powertrain Basch kit complete with lots of extras

28 May 2011
first of all, my car has never seen any track..only for shows! i live in socal and attend many events and won
multiple awards for the past 5 yrs. my car is not daily. i take her out maybe 1 to 3 times a month or sometimes never..but during the summer days she is out more often for occasionaly car events. purchased the car about 5 yrs ago. purchased the basch kit almost 3 yrs ago. it's still on the car but going to remove everything in the next 2 weeks or so. so here's the breakdown below:

- bash kit (blower n2000/brackets/crank pulley/2 boost pulleys/extra spider gear/extra belts/extra shaft
bearings/misc bolts)

- aftercooler (custom made with front heat exchanger, braided lines, bosch water pump, all hoses front front heat exchanger to back, misc clamps)

- aem ems 1

- defi mechanical boost gauge

- aem wideband failsafe part # 30-4900

- glowshift air intake temp gauge

- aem fuel regulator

- aem fuel gauge

- greddy blow off valve (anodized red)

- custom 4 inch cold air intake with filter (located in front of rear wheel)

- polished coolant tank, polished blower, polished shaft housing, polished aftercooler

- sam frank indigo 750cc injectors

- walbro fuel pump (never used)

- all other misc items like couplers, piping, oil feed line, drain line, fittings, etc.
basically this would be a bolt on kit ready to go.

car made 456rwhp on dynapack with 7.2 psi on pump gas. conservative power for a daily.

you can check my instagram 1veilsidensx for some pictures.

price: $6500.00 firm shipped to usa states only!

pls ask any questions you may have.

thank you !
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Nice kit man. If I wasn't dealing with some other issues with my NSX, I'd try to pick this up.

Adding the photos from your IG for reference. GLWS.