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Battery charger as an option

I purchased a used NSX charger. I ended up also ordering the wire harness that goes inside the car. It was a pretty straight forward plug and play connection. So the overall wiring is in all our cars. One just needs the final connector and fuse to make it work with the 12 volt battery. I lower the window a couple of inches and slip the connector through it. Thus far seems to work well. On my 2001 NSX I had an aftermarket lithium battery that required a special trickle charger. I connected direction with the battery in its compartment and had the end sticking through the bumper opening. This way it did not require that I open the hood to charge. That worked well. The thing is one needs to be consistent in charging the battery to keep it in tip top shape.
I bought the factory charger and had the tech install it when he did my PPI. The attachment is under the glove box. Definitely a CTEK unit. FWIW, it's the only brand I trust. I use them in all my cars. I had a moment of weakness and used a Harbor Freight one in my S2000, my wife had to grab something in the garage one day and it smelled like burning rubber. Needless to say, the tender malfunctioned apparently and was overheating. Not something I need to mess around with.
I have to figure out how to make clean outside hook up for the CTEC. Anybody has any lead ? No drilling and fully reversible.
CTEK offers a whole bunch of accessories. If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a way to connect outside of the car? They have an extension that connects directly to the battery and then gives you around 5 feet or so. I ran it through the front to the inside of the bumper. From there it is an easy hookup.


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I used temp sensor opening for C TEC plug and ran the wire under existing harness. Fully reversible.20230510_161543.jpg20230507_194918_resized.jpg