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Battery Terminal Clamp

27 July 2007
Denver, CO
As I get into the finishing stretch of my refresh project, more legacy issues come up. :frown: When removing the cheap-ass amp power wire from my positive battery clamp, the whole thing fell apart in my hands. Turns out the entire clamp had cracked and was only being held together by about a 1mm thick piece of metal. This explains some of the intermittent power issues I was experencing over the years, and why the clamp would not tighten completely. Anyway, I want to replace the terminal, but it looks like at least 3 separate wires from the harness run into the clamp. I am not sure which aftermarket clamps will fit, since most seem do be designed to hold one wire, not three. Has anyone done this and can anyone recommend a good clamp to use? I was thinking about this?
A few years ago I did the same thing, and yes I used a clamp just like the attched picture, and for my amp wire I just attached it to one of the 2 top bolts and I havent had any problems.
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I very recently put a new battery in my NSX and had the same issue.<O:p</O:p
The positive terminal had over the years been stretched and was so close to breaking that I decided to replace it.

I used a clamp just like in the picture. I actually got it at Wal-Mart, but it was solid brass just like the picture.

I did not separate the three wires. What I did was to cut off the bolt portion of the existing positive lead and then flatten the remaining piece and I clamped onto that piece. I, of course, cleaned it all up with a solution of water and baking soda to get off any corrosion.
It worked perfectly! I also left on the red terminal cover and I was able to stretch it over the new clamp. <O:p</O:p
Thanks guys. I like the idea of keeping the OEM terminal and just flattening it so I can clamp it.
When using a larger connector just be careful of the clearance between the connector and the oem battery hold down bar as they are close. Also make sure the hold down bar is turned the correct direction because if it's backward it is closer to the post.