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Bbsc kit install...begins

28 May 2011
well, i finally got everything started since last tuesday. installer works fast. here are some pics...
we decided to make a cold air intake going out to the fender. hope that works. i will polish the charge pipes once everything is up and running. still need to install injectors and aem fic. for those not familiar, i will run 750cc, stock pump, aem fic with this set up. aem wideband is installed as well along with boost gauge. changed to ngk colder plugs, and modified the stock oil cap so i can still change oil in a regular basis thru that hole. we did have to move the coolant tank more on the driver side to accommodate this issue.
hope to get the car running in a few days.

after we installed the blower, we started the car to make sure there were no leaks what so ever.
blower sounds pretty healthy. im using a boost pulley 5-6psi. i dont intend to boost more than 7 or 8 since this is only a show car, not a track car. i attend car shows about 5-6 times a year during summer.

is it better to use red or black cooplings? i can't decide...


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Looks great. The bbsc, though much maligned, is probably by far the best low cost if solution if you can source parts.
tks peiserg. we decided to use black couplings, standard BOV that came with the kit.

update: aem fic is being installed, wideband installed, injectors and fuel line installed. changed the fuel filter since
i have no idea when was the lst time it was changed. car shud be running today! can't wait.