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BBSC Pulleys

1 September 2008
Springfield, VA
Hello, does anybody know where I can source some BBSC pulleys? Particularly 6 PSI (7) or 10.

I purchased a kit 5 years ago and recently decided to put it on and noticed there is slight wobble of the pulley and it appears as if it is bent (possibly from the previous owner hitting the pulley to remove it). I tried searching around but can't find any source.

You might want check the shaft as well.
I have seen bent shafts in the past.

Also I have seen multiple shaft dimensions, does the pulley have a hex hole or a round hole with a key way?
basch SS pulley

A very old topic but I have a old BASCH supercharger. It works well but we discovered the belt pulley is the older hex mounts and began to roundout the HEX part.

Does anyone know where these can be obtained? Made or are the prints available?