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BBSC complete kit

21 August 2011
Northern Virginia
Complete BBSC Novi 2000 supercharger kit- 5000.00 plus shipping. Currently installed on car, I plan to remove in August can arrange earlier if needed. I want to put this for sale before it is removed so that potential buyers can see the BBSC first hand if local or if you are remote we can video chat and you can see that it is fully operational. Includes AEM FIC (with stock 3.0L tune w/methanol injection), injectors, and all parts needed to get this up and running except a methanol kit if you choose to use one. I will include the following pulleys 9, 15, 19, and 19+lb pulleys, spare belt, upgraded spare bearings, and spare used spider gears. All wear parts are available and I have the part numbers if you want to purchase spider gears and bearings in the future. This kit includes upgraded billet Jackshaft to blower coupler and upgraded shaft bearings. The Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger has less than 5000 miles on it. When I purchased the kit the previous owner had shipped the old NOVI to Paxton for refurbishment and they said the bearings were no longer serviceable. He purchased a brand new replacement so when I got the kit the supercharger was in box/bag sealed. Took me about 10 hours to install by myself. I can provide a copy of the installation manual which has many photos. All hardware included to get you to 9lbs of boost. Only item not included and optional is upgraded fuel pump. It will come with the tune from my tuner which was done with methanol injection (Methanol kit not included). Once installed all you need is a final tune for your vehicle and you are ready to go. You can easily drive sensibly to your tuner with the base tune and not have any issues. I originally drove about 120 miles with self-tune to get to the tuner shops without a problem.
Additional info- this kit with 9lb pulley made 400whp on a stock engine with 140k miles. I ran this at VIR several times with no problems. The extra power makes a large difference as naturally aspirated NSX's were hitting just over 120 on the back straight and with the BBSC I was regularly above 145 and hit 152 as a high according to my GPS recording. The car drives like stock but with more topend power keeping the great NSX driving characteristics. I chose to go with a turbo system and hope I did not make a mistake as the BBSC keeps the great driving dynamics expected in an NSX.


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