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Be aware of dealing with NSXRM: Rajen

10 July 2004
Planet Earth.
Rajen contacted me to get a sub enclosure for a client/friend of his. HAD TO HAVE it by that up coming Saturday. So, we made an agreement that I would overnight it to a post office near the Canada border for him to pick up. I paid the extra shipping, did the foot work to find a way to get it to him in time, called the post office in Washington to make sure he could get it, as the PO was closed that day. Called him and told him what to do to be able to get it. He DID get it, but chose not to pay for it!

I called him that next week when his funds never arrived. Did not answer. Finally got a reply back that he was getting married and back in 2 days on Wednesday. This was sent out on 6-6-08. Today is 8-26-08!! NO CASH! He never got back to me on Wednesday. Every time I would call. No answer, no reply to email or pm. FINALLY talk to him about a week and a half ago. Tells me he did not get the money order back to his mail center and needs to research it! I told him I needed to be paid now as it has been longer that 2 months on this and I need the money TODAY!! All I got was excuses. Then he tells me he does not have proof of the money order. Everyone knows that you keep your copy of it, IF you actually got one!

So, the bottom line is he is an unscrupulous business man so do not trust him with your money or NEVER order from him! All I hope is he reaps what he sows.