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Best places to eat in Corpus Christi?

3 June 2006
This July I'll be taking my wife to Corpus Christi for our Anniversary. She is in charge of the schedule and I get to plan the meals. Neither of us has ever been and I'm hoping I can get some suggestions for some outstanding dining spots. We will be there 3 days and 2 nights.
I don't know about eating places but may I recommend mustang island as the best beach in that area, just remember, it's Corpus Christi, don't expect the Florida keys or anything like that.
I passed thru there a few months ago and would recommend.

1. Texas State Aquarium (doesn't look like much from outside, but wow really good)
2. USS Lexington (did the tour as a kid in elementary school, still remember it to this day)
3. Brewster Street Ice House (huge place which typically has a live music and plenty of open air seating to relax)
4. Thai Spice (good food and really nice cozy place, at intersection of water/people st)

Enjoy the trip!
Thank you for the suggestions, and yes we know it's not the Florida Keys. This is a bonus weekend trip, we took our major Anniversary trip this year to Maccu Piccu.
I have only lived here in Corpus for about a year, but do know of some good places to eat and stay.

If you are looking for upscale dining, I would recommend the Republic of Texas on the top floor of the Omni Hotel. Has a great view of the harbor and water at night.

If you are looking for a fun beach place - Mikel Mays on the Bob Hall Pier is a casual place on the beach side or Docs seafood on the Bay side of Padre Island.

If you have not gotten a place to stay yet - the Holiday Inn on Padre Island is right on the water or Port Royal is a nice condo place with awesome swimming pools - they advertise they have the largest pools in Texas. Port Royal is half way to Port Aransas and so about 15 miles from Corpus/Padre Island.

PM me and I can tell you other places if you need.
Thanks again for the suggestions. My wife and I had a great time this past weekend and it was great to stretch the NSX out a bit.
Glad you had a good time. Missed seeing the NSX. Maybe meet you at TEXPO when ever that is announced.