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Best Portable Navigation System


Take a look at Tomtom too.

They have the GO which is good.


Your welcome

You could take a look here too.

RyRy, there are a plethora of automotive grade portable navigation units on the market; it really depends on what features you will require.

I have done a multitude of research on these units, and in my opinion, the Garmin 2620/2720 is the best all around unit. It has it pros and cons, like all other units, but after 3 months, I am still 100% satisfied in my choice. It has some features that no other units in its class have, and the ergonomics of the menus just make great sense. To me, it's the Honda of the bunch.

Please note, screen size was probably the most 'sought after' feature for most people when deciding on a portable unit. I have found time and time again, people were relieved to have gotten the unit with the smaller screen. It seems at first glance, the unit with the biggest and most colorful LCD would be the best choice, but you will find out that once installed, you very rarely will be looking at the unit itself. Those eye candy features wear off really quick, when lugging around a big unit, or taking up a lot of dashboard space, or annoying you when seeing a big screen out of the corner of your eye when driving at night.
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Magellan Roadmate 500+ here. Love it.
I did a lot of research too. The Garmins rated the highest in the research I did.

I was looking for:

- Self contained (no maps to ever load, cross country capable)
- Easy to use (touch screen, very intuitive so my wife would use it)
- Voice navigation
- Battery powered (nice when you don't want to plug it in or want to bring it inside to do all your planning)
- USB/Computer interface
- Fast routing, syncing, and rerouting

I have used probably a dozen or so systems. Everything from OEM Acura, Honda, VW, BMW, and TomTom.

IMO - the best OEM unit by far is the newer Acura/Honda units. This was the benchmark. Even has a dashboard setting showing you exact direction, average MPH, amount of time on trip stopped, max mph.

At $630 street the Garmin c330 met and exceeded all of these requirements and was most like the OEM Acura/Honda system in simplicity.

Things that would have made this unit or future even better? / Future?

- Build in MP3 and FM transmitter (would automatically turn down the songs when playing like OEM)
- Build in satalite radio too (all in one entertainment)
- Link from Outlook for addresses
- Voice recognition
- SD card compatible
- Built in G-meter and accelorometer!

Anyway - definately do your research as this is similar to digital cameras as in they all look similar on paper but are VERY different in actual use.
Anyone tried the new Clarion N.I.C.E?

Appears to be just a little more than the Garmin's, but its got a 7 inch screen, 20GB HD that will do MP3s, and also Sirius.....Looks like quite the system if it works!
Just did alot of the same research that everyone else has done, but after speaking with a few of the outlets that sell them, I ordered the Magellan 760 for my wife. She doesn't want to take the Lexus to some of the places she has to go to for her new job, plus it get lousy gas mileage, she gets lost pulling out of our driveway, has to go to multiple places, often gets stuck in traffic, with all of these problems, plus the fact that she's had problems even turning on her cell phone, it's not an easy thing to buy for her. I have been assured that it's easy to learn, still, I'm not too optimistic that this doesn't turn into an expensive paperweight!!! I'll post in a week or so, once it arrives, and I can evaluate her comfort level with it!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

PS, I think I might have to change who gets which car other than the NSX!!!! :biggrin:
Just got the package in the mail, good news is that it's here before the road trip to Atlanta, the bad news is that the 125 page manual isn't in the box, I can download and print it, but would rather have the smaller bound version. I called the vendor to let them know that the manual is missing, and they've been good enough to order one from the manufacturer and will forward it to me, also, since they advertise a "low price guarantee", I "Froogled" the device again, and found it for $100 less, plus shipping and notified them of the website of their competitor, and they're crediting me the net difference of $96.30. So far, they're a pleasure to deal with, about the device, I'll let you know as soon as I return and can try to teach the Mrs how to navigate the Navigation device! :rolleyes:
The 760 is awesome, it was easy to use, even without the manual, got me directly to all my destinations without any problems, now the ultimate challenge, have to see if I can teach my wife how to use it, if it passes that test, it's a got to have it!!!! :biggrin: