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Blowing the Cobwebs Off after 9 Years!

4 September 2000
It's probably been about nine years since my last post, but better late than never. I was looking through some of my old rantings on Prime, and it brought back so many pleasant memories.

As a certified car junkie, I've had the pleasure of owning many, many really great cars. I occasionally write reviews of my exploits on other forums, and regularly find myself making comparisons to my beloved 2001 NSX Coupe. Despite many oaths to the contrary, I sold that car some years back, and I have regretted it ever since. (When I look at the cars in my old profile, it makes me smile; so many cars have come and gone since then!)

I found a really special 03 Targa awhile back, low mileage and probably cleaner than the day it rolled out of the showroom. I bought it on the spot, and have been reliving the NSX greatness ever since. In fact, you'd probably laugh if I told you the cars that get left in the garage in favor of taking the NSX up the canyon. Here are two of them:


So, I guess what I'm saying is what you already know: the NSX is an incredible car, and there is nothing else out there quite like it. It's nice to be back!

BTW, if anyone knows of a super low mileage 91-2001 Coupe, I'm ready to add it to the stable. Right Now. No, I won't trade the Targa :)
Welcome back! Great post - and very nice stable of cars. Your 03 looks great - I just told some guy at a stoplight (telling me he has always loved the NSX) that I will keep this car forever. I believe they are THAT GREAT.

Glad you found your new one (and good luck on your search for another one) - if I had the space I absolutely would have another one.

Too funny on your signature "Sold - Idiot". Made me laugh. I've sold a lot of cars of the years, but one or two I felt the same way (idiot).

Keep us posted. Cheers, Jay
Welcome back, your stable is quite sexy and we hope you stay more active cause we love anything NSX
I remember you....welcome back.Its refreshing to see someone who obviously loves midengine cars but can still apreciate what honda did with only 290 hp vs those other cars you own.
wow nice stable of cars you have there. im curious to what else you have up in the garage. how bout a few pictures of your garage with all your cars?
Wow, for someone like me that has not had the financial position of owning exotics or anything beyond you're mass produced regular car, even though I have driven P cars and other powerful machines it is not the same as owning then and having them at you're disposition and truly getting to know the vehicle in order to make a comparison, but statements like this re assure people like me that the NSX is a great car.:biggrin:
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welcome back, they always come back to Prime and another NSX

but in your case you never really left. you just put your head in the ground like an Ostrich. and when you popped your head out your had more cars we all want in your garage.

wanna sell that Ford GT PM me.

This is quite an entertaining post. Welcome back, but really? Idk I think with all 3 in my garage I'd take the 458, then the FGT, then the NSX. Hey I love the NSX, and I've never driven either of those other two but... Really? Is it just smoother and easier to drive? What does the NSX do that the 458 does not do better?

Other than not break... LOL
This is quite an entertaining post. Welcome back, but really? Idk I think with all 3 in my garage I'd take the 458, then the FGT, then the NSX. Hey I love the NSX, and I've never driven either of those other two but... Really? Is it just smoother and easier to drive? What does the NSX do that the 458 does not do better?

Other than not break... LOL

+1 on the details why you like the NSX more :biggrin:
+1^^Yes, please expound.:smile:
+1 on the details why you like the NSX more :biggrin:

It would take me pages and pages to fully respond to this request. For example, you mind want to read this: http://www.fordgtforum.com/forums/showthread.php?25433-Owner-Review-Ford-GT-vs.-Ferrari-458-Part-1

However, here is the super short response:

1. NSX is a small package and it feels like it; you know where you are on the road and what the car is doing beneath you. Both the 458 and the GT are comparably large cars that can bite you in the rump, and hard. Especially the mighty GT.

2. The ergonomics; you wear the NSX, you drive the others. The 458 and the GT are both great in this regard, but the NSX is stellar.

3. Usable power. Both the GT and the 458 are blindingly powerful and quick. The NSX is all about the balance.

4. Drama! When I take the 458 and the GT out, its like being a rock star in a room full a groupies. It gets REALLY OLD. In the NSX, a few nods and a smile or two is all I get and that makes me happy.

Is the NSX "better?" than the 458 or the GT? No. Does the NSX have its own unique place in automotive lore? Yes. Has it ever been duplicated? No. In my humble opinion, the NSX is certainly one of the most monumental automotive creations ever. The fact that so few people know or appreciate this makes it all the more special.

When I want to go 200 mph or roast the rear tires, I'll have to take the GT.

When I want razor sharp, fenetic passion and blink quick shifts, I'll take the 458.

When I want pure, sweet, balanced bliss, its the NSX all day long.

Now would someone please find me that NA1 coupe with 53 miles on it! :)
Forgive me for being blunt, I thought you were just some rich guy who was maybe getting older and heavier, that the nsx was more comfy for you now and so you write a post like this.

Now that I've read most of what you've written on that forum and gotten to know you a little, it has made you quite credible. So forgive my early assumptions, now I actually think you're a knowledgable and very cool guy, and I really like hearing what you have to say. Someome who clearly isn't just well off but has a real passion.

It's also very interesting to me because those two cars are up on my must-buy list, and now I am getting a much better feel for them just from your posts.

Thanks. Much appreciated.
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Thanks for the comments, DeHaldaswerth.

I read your review on the GT forum. If you are not already, you should be some sort of writer. You have a great command of the language, wit, and ability to convey your thoughts.

Fun reading!
Now would someone please find me that NA1 coupe with 53 miles on it! :)

That's easy

"csenoner" sold it to "gas-motors" in North Carolina - vin # 000897


edit: Read your post on the Ford GT forum...
excellent writeup, truly funny, and I ran that same stretch of 89 on Saturday ..again ...and again :)
Its why we own these cars, to drive them as designed
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DeHaldaswerth, I remember you and your pristine 2001 red coupe, which I only had the pleasure of seeing once at the Scottsdale Pavilions many, many moons ago. I have often wondered what happened to that NSX. I'm sorry to hear you sold it, and even more sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to buy it from you.

Thanks for the update, and the link to your impressions of your other supercars. For those of us who find such exotics unattainable for one reason or another, it's nice to read that the NSX can still be fulfilling in its own way. I know this to be true as I currently own 3 NSXs, and I do not regret buying any of them. The only car I would give any of them up for is an Aventador, but that is silly wishful thinking. I am extremely content with my stable, and while I occasionally dream of rubbing elbows with high end exotic car owners, I'm just as happy hanging out with my NSX and S2k friends, who I feel in some ways are more genuine car enthusiasts than many in the Italian/German badge wearing club.
Nice thread and thanks for sharing your personal thoughts on how the NSX stacks up against some of the more expensive vehicles out there. While a few of us may be lucky enough to find someone who will let us take a 456 or Ford GT for a drive, even fewer of us will get the in depth perspective of actually owning them, so it really is a treat to hear a voice with that type of experience.

This isn't quite what you are eyeing as it has 16,700 miles, but it is clearly an NSX that has been tenderly handled based on the garage it sits in and is in my mind one of the best representations of a late model flip up on the market:

I obviously have a soft spot in my heart for that vintage and color combo ;)

Hope to see more of you around the forum.

*edit* oops, I noticed you are looking for a COUPE, that's a rare bird in the 97+
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Welcome back...and thanks for sharing your thoughts. For me its your comment about the "pure, sweet, balanced bliss" of the NSX that strikes home most. You really can enjoy driving it all day long!
Welcome back to the NSX families, awesome review and excellent write up on the FordGt forum, too funny about the "Jalapeño laced preparation H" :biggrin:
Welcome back. I bet it feels amazing to be behind the wheel of an NSX again. Enjoyed your detailed write-up on the Ford GT and Ferrari 458. And those pictures at the Bonneville Salt Flats - stellar! Best of luck on your search for a 91-01 coupe as well. Thanks for sharing your story.
I just strolled back to read the the response to why you rather drive the NSX more often than the other other great cars in you're stable witch i thought was cool, but I also wondered if it was more to save the other cars from wear and tear and you're usage for the NSX was of a daily driver (beater car),but Im not wondering any more; Nice review.:smile:
Welcome, back! Since I doubt, I would ever have the chance to own those other two cars, it's nice to know how well the NSX really fits in with a true automotive enthusiast. I read your review on the forum and found it interesting and enjoyable article to read...one of my favorite lines was this

It’s sorta like keeping a cheetah in a Manhattan High Rise; a great conversation piece, but fun for neither the cheetah nor its owner.