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Bluray Question


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18 September 2005
Southern California
I have a Sharp BD HP20 in my shop/lounge, and the Pioneer Elite BDP 94HD for home.

Didn't buy the sharp player by choice (after working in the electronics industry back in the early 1990's, I lost all faith with that brand), the pioneer is a wonderful player.

I'm having some problem with the Sharp player. Some of the Bluray discs will not play even after the latest firmware update. I picked up a copy of "21" and it would play. It also wouldn't play "Weeds" season 3 disc and vantage point.

Some disc will not play one day, but will another... Driving me nuts!!!

The firmware is fully updated.

Is it a problem with this player, or the firmware is not up to date by Sharp, or I have a bad player? Any one encounter this problem with either Sharp or other brands?