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BMW's and NSX (G-Man specifically)

21 April 2000
Vancouver, Canada
hey hey,

I was just wondering how any series BMW would compare to the NSX. This is one of the only times i'm gonna talk about interiour ride feel and comfort, NOT performance, so none of that this time please. I don't own either cars, but my friend is as fanatical about BMW's as I am to the NSX, so I'm just wondering.
Ok. First:
1. The ride comfort of the NSX is the most similar to what series BMW?
2. The interiour familiarity and such of which series is most comparable to the NSX
3. Overall, does any series BMW "feel" at all similar to the NSX? You know, and in pleasurable driving.

And if any more info that may be important, please tell me. Thanks!

The BMW E36 M3 is the closest out of all the bimmers I've driven, although it's still very high off the ground in terms of driving posistion compared to the NSX's low cowl/seat.

The NSX feels 2X as racy as the M3 at the same speed, while the M3 is 2X as practical thanks to its back seats and large trunk.

Both are excellent cars, but the NSX is more like an F1 car to drive while the M3 is more of a well rounded sports car. Oddly, the last M3 I drove didn't seem slower than an early NSX, even though it's about .3 - .5 secs slower in the quarter mile.

Hope this helps.
Originally posted by EndLeSS:
1. The ride comfort of the NSX is the most similar to what series BMW?
2. The interiour familiarity and such of which series is most comparable to the NSX
3. Overall, does any series BMW "feel" at all similar to the NSX? You know, and in pleasurable driving.

First of all, I am flattered that you would ask little olde moi.
Let's take a look:

I have owned or driven everything BMW makes from a 325iC convertible to a 750iL V-12. They all have superb ride. The M series cars are a little closer to the ride that you get with the NSX. Acutally I find the new M Coupe to be the closest to the performance and the overall ride of your basic NSX, but Mako88 is quite right about the M3. On the highway with cruise control set at 90, it is just as nice as my 740i. I can't stand to drive a 3 series for a 5 series for more than about 2 hours without getting stiff or sore at my height of 6'-4", but I drove the NSX back from Wisconsin the 827 miles in perfect comfort and routinely drive it on trips of 300-400 miles with no problems.

Since most of my degrees are in "Design" or "Human Factors", I pay close attention to the ergonomics of all my cars. I find the NSX to be better than almost anything. I love that the steering column both tilts and telecops, for PERFECT placement. For me too, I can rest my arm on the shift level and fiddle with the CD change controls without moving my hand. Everything in the car is perfect for me and I love the dash and controls layout. BMW is starting to "clutter" the steering wheel with a dozen or so buttons. While concenient, I find it visually annoying. I find the interior of my 740i almost TOO BIG. The 3 Series is too small for me and the 5 is closer to the 3 than the 7. If you take the measurements the NSX is almost as wide as the 7 series, but the interior at shoulder height is more like a 3 or 5 series, but I feel like I have more room in the NSX than in the BMWs.

As stated in 1 above, the M Coupe is the smallest lightest and fastest M around. It will turn 5.0-5.5 0-60. But the interior is REALLY cramped for a guy my size. I think the new E46 M3 due out next year will be the closest thing yet. I already have my money down on a 4th generation M3 Convertible when they arrive. It should sport a massive new M engine turning out over 330hp. The convertible is also stiffer than the coupe with only slightly more weight.
Not to mention being the "ULTIMATE TANNING MACHINE".

As far as driving pleasure? There is nothing even close to the NSX.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
I read the fastest M is M5 -> M roadster -> M coupe -> current M3
I've driven them all as well and I agree the closest is the M coupe.
This past weekend I went to LimeRock racetrack with the Audi Quattro Club, And I took a spin with one of the instructors who has a BMW 540i 6-speed, the Mods on his car were lowering springs and shocks, chip and exhaust, Roll cage and 5-point harnesess for driver and passenger, but the best mod he had were the 6-piston AP racing brakes. I was impressed with the car I never expected a big fat pig of a car to hustle around the track the way it did, down the short front straight the car hit 120 and the brakes were amazing, nobody could pass the car but the car passed by everyone except a lightned 944turbo that shot flames out the exhaust the Porsche would walk away from us in the corners but not on the straights, I liked the car very much I forgot how nice BMW's were on the street and for such a big heavy car on the track, I cant wait to try out a new M5.


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I guess I should have read your question more carefully, Its two different classes of cars BMW's and NSX's. The Acura is a Exotic sports car, a Bimmer is a great sports sedan, You would have to go back to the BMW M1 to get both on equal footing. BMW's can be made to go faster but its still a different kind of car, they feel more like sedans. Even the M3
is a Sports Sedan not a Sports Car.