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Body Parts

As noted, maybe yes / maybe no. Time to do some keyboard work if you want a definitive answer. First, you need to find the part number

That link is for the 2000 model year since you didn't specify the year you are interested in. Do a search to find the part number(s) that you are interested in. If the part shows up as available, try ordering it. You may be lucky, or not. For some parts you may then get a message that it is unavailable or on back order from Japan. Note the complete part number because you still have some options
- do a Google search on the part number and you may get some hits with on-line vendors for the part. You need to be careful with this one because the search will always give you close part numbers (close doesn't count in this particular game).
- go to Amayama
enter the part number in the search bar. You may not get a 'hit' if your part is left hand driving specific. Amayama serves the right hand driving market; but, probably 90% of the NSX parts are common. If you don't get a hit you can search through the Amayama model directory to see if you can find the part you are interested in. If it comes back nla then it is most likely truly nla.
- contact Mita Motorsports in Japan to see if they can source the part for you

As an observation, if Amayama lists the part as available it is frequently cheaper (sometimes much cheaper) and faster to order the part from them than from the local dealership. This will very much depend on what is happening with shipping rates. Covid 19 put a wrench in the works of what were previously very low shipping costs from Amayama. Large body parts (bumper covers) may have particularly nasty costs.
One note is that the body panels available through Amayama will be for the JDM cars. They have the side marker lights in different positions compared to the USDM cars.
I dont need anything at this time. my car is really pristine and completely stock 2005 Red / Black. I was just concerned since I do drive it I often say I'm not an art collector I'm a car enthusiast and do drive the car with a bit of spirit.