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Body Shop in Toronto

18 April 2005
I tried searching around but too many come up, anyone know any trusting shops that you would take your nsx for body work and re paint? thanks
i took my 350z and now nsx to velocity both were perfect, all the staff are friendly they'll take care of your car like it was there own. They are all car guys everyone who works there drives a modded car. Tim (the owner) is a great guy they will take care of your car, its very nicely priced too let me know if you need the number and location.

definately not ERIN MILLS ACURA.

i know that EM acura is a sponsor for this forum.

i wanted to make my own thread, but since this is sponsored, i'll shut the EFF up and only use this. wouldnt be fair to tell "NSX canada."

s2kca toronto knows though. s2ki is next...

i got finally got my car back. (2 months, 3 rentals after)

it took them 3 tries to match the spa yellow.

--> that's fine, it is difficult, i hate wasting time. used 3 vacation days :mad:

car: minor DS fender bent and headlight tabs broken
fix: repaint/blend fender and repaint bumper, replace headlight


-->ryan caverly the bodyshop manager should not be in customer service with a dual personality.

quote from ryan " i dont know why people spend so much money in cars, its a waste, as far as im concerned, we're done here..."

after i got my car back a second time.

i bit my tongue and spoke to peter the GM after.

--> over spray

--> broken side marker (replaced)

--> headlights not removed before painting

--> incorrect s2000 badges

--> lip moulding un-removed and painted over :mad: