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Brake grinding sound

8 May 2002
England, United Kingdom
Can anybody help ?
I have a 1995 3.0 Auto, over the last 12 months I've notice a cyclic type of creaking sound from my drivers side rear wheel after breaking down to 20-0
m.p.h. I have renewed the rear discs but the problem remains, someone has suggested it could be the pads is this possible. The NSX garage has stripped the brakes 3 times thinking it might of been a stone or other object in the caliper set up, but no joy. Has anyone had a similar problem, it's driving me crazy.

Check your splash shields very closely....they can bend inward and cause the grinding noise.

Yes, the OE pads can grind a lot...you take take them off and inspect them. Swap sides and see if the noise moves to the other side (I think you can do this with the rear pads).

Also check to see if you have any residual grease fyling around from a possible bad CV boot.

Love your screen name LOL....................

I had the same problem and found that the rear disc was warped. I had it resurfaced and the noise went away. Unfortunately, the disc is so thin now that 3 weeks later under the heat it warped again and the noise is back. If you still have good thickness on your discs I would have it resurfaced. Mine is done so I'm switching to slotted/drilled discs all around.