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Brake Pad Questions

23 May 2001
Oswego, IL
Ok, it is time for new pads on my 92. I checked the FAQ and it does not discuss the different pads I might use. I only need fronts and was wondering if OEM pads should be used or some other type. I do not track the car and do a lot of stop and go. Anyone have any opinions and costs? How much are OEM pads anyway. Thanks in advance.

If I were you I'd go with OEM: low dust, low noise, long life, good cold stopping, easy on the rotors, linear pedal feel, exact fitment...perfect for street use...and they match your OEM (I assume) rear pads so it won't upset the car's designed braking bias.

DanO www.danoland.com/nsxgarage

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The R4S is good, but the RM Racing pads are better, even if you're only using them on the street.

If you're only using them on the street, any of these pads will probably be adequate. But if you think you might want to take your car out on the track - perhaps at NSXPO 2001 - then I would recommend the RM Racing pads (although any of them would be okay for a track novice, too).
Hmm someone told me the RS4 were the same way too?????

The R4S pads are probably similar to the OEM pads and are probably less expensive ($119 for the fronts) at www.porterfield-brakes.com, however, since he's just switching out the fronts, then I'd be more inclined to stick with OEM for the reasons I stated above. Most likely the friction envelope for the OEM and R4S are similar, but if they're not, then there will be a biasing issue. Even if there's a biasing issue, then it'll probably not be that great, but then again, we really don't have any c/f to temp graphs to compare the two compounds, so we don't really know what the differences are.

So it's possible (for example) that the R4S pad will have a lower c/f when cold compared to the OEM, which will result in a bias shift to the rear when the brakes are cold (for example).

Most likely the R4S pads will work just fine, the OEM pads WILL work just fine.

DanO www.danoland.com/nsxgarage
Thanks for all the great info. I think I will go with the Dali metalic pads. I am also planning on doing all 4 just to be sure. Take care.

OK, new wrinkle to the brake pad quest. A frind of my dad, who has been a mechanic for 30 years says I should try ceramic pads. What the heck are those, I have not even heard of ceramic pads. Thoughts?

There are pads containing ceramic backing plates, such as the Cool Carbon pads. I tried these and ran into problems. The philosophy is to use the ceramic as an insulator to keep the hydraulic (brake fluid) part of the system cool. The problem is that the heat has to go SOMEWHERE, so it gets concentrated on the face of the rotor instead. As a result, I had major problems with shudder due to hot spots on the rotors. I would recommend against using these pads for the NSX.
The Porterfield R-4S's have given me excellent service, the Porterfield's are a nice step up from stock. I used some EBC green pads and liked them also but they didnt last as long as the R-4S's and EBC does not make a rear pad for the NSX yet.
You can save 20% off list on the R-4S's and 10% off list on the EBC's from [email protected] (my 2 cents!)