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Brand new NSX - AS Motorsport Crankshaft Position Sensor Kit Upgrade

2 May 2008
Arkansas, USA/Wiesbaden, DE

Brand new NSX - AS Motorsport Crankshaft Position Sensor Kit Upgrade
Recommended for those running standalone ECU's like AEM v2, infinity etc.

Purchased for my C30A but never used because of a change of plans to go J Series. Only opened item to inspect contents after initial receipt. Purchased originally for $720 with Euro-USD conversion, tariffs, shipping, VAT and Paypal fees included, and selling for $570 OBO shipped anywhere in the US because I no longer need the item. International buyers please write me for a more accurate shipping quote.

Out of stock from the A.S. Motorsport site, with details of the item here:

Reference Item No: AS10025

Description from A.S. Motorsport's site:
"Greatly improves timing signal for stand alone ECU fully replaces the large cam sensor that the NSX uses from factory.
This setup measures 100% accurate a 12 trigger crank rotation, as used in the factory SuperGT and LeMans engines.
What does this do? (why is it better)
Eliminates belt flex harmonic resonance issues in the stock cam sensor between 6000-8000 rpm due to the length of the belt.
It also measures true crank position and is uneffected by milled heads, belt tension, cam gear degreeing
Where does it install?
Kit fits neatly underneath the timing belt cover, (which does need to be modified to clear the outer sensor which is seal-able)
Features adjustable clearance and specially machined to clear tensioner and belt.
The kit consists out of:
- Special trigger gear that replaces the timing belt shim
- Mounting bracket that is adjustable for clearance
- Bosch crank sensor
- Connector set
Please note this part is only applicable to stand alone ecu's, we recommend this for heavily tuned engines only."

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