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Bridgestone SO2

4 November 2001
Liverpool, UK
We here in the uk have a problem acquiring Yokohama A022s. Not only are they impossible to get hold of, but they are very expensive compared to everything else. My local NSX dealer has suggested I try the Bridgestone alternative - RE010, but these have now been discontinued. They have apparently been replaced by the SO2 & SO3. Have any of you guys used these and are they any good? The difference between the A022 for all 4 tires is £200 ($300). Are the AO22 worth it?
The A022 are worth it - and the Bridgestone RE010 have not been discontinued, at least, not in North America. These OEM tires give much greater cornering feel than tires not designed specifically for the NSX.

The S02 and S03 are NOT replacements for the RE010. They are Bridgestone's high-performance tire made in many sizes for many different cars.

You may wish to contact your local offices of Yokohama Tire or Bridgestone to find a dealer who carries these tires. Or, perhaps you can have the tires shipped from http://www.tirerack.com or http://tires.com ?

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I have run the SO-2 on my car for the last two years with very good results. My first set lasted for 10,000 miles on the rears and 15,000 on the fronts which included five track days. They offer a very predictable feel, good feedback, and IMO a great looking tire as well. One of the things I appreciate about the design of the SO-2 is the rim protector that is built into the sidewall of the front tires. I run a set of high polished HRE 547 wheels and it's nice to know I have that extra measure of protection "just in case". No curb shots yet!<knock on wood>

I am now running a set of S0-3's. I only have about 650 miles on them so it's difficult to provide a true evaluation on them yet. I can say this, I ran them at Sebring a couple of weekends ago, when they had about 300 miles on them, and the feel made me miss my SO-2's! I recognize that with only 300 miles on them the "squirm" I felt during directional transitions might be discounted to simple tread block movement due to the newness and full depth of the tread. They are a good looking tire but they do not have the same rim protector that the 2's provide. The jury is still out on the 3's.