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Bruce Wayne build - And the long build starts to my 91

10 April 2012
Figured I would start an actual build thread now since my mod list is greater then 2 items now lol.

The car is a 91 that has been refinished in a grey color with black roof.

Here is a pic of the car when I got it from a friend of mine.


My first mod was the type r style carbon wing:

Next was the Difflow diffuser, what a great addition to the rear:

Changed the old double din radio the car came with for a kenwood ddx319:

And also re did the roof liner and a and b pillars in black suede since the old material was starting to come down and looked horrible:

And finally some new parts came in from Downforce, 02+ side skirts, 02+ trunk spoiler, DF-r carbon side scoops and carbon plate garnish. I hope to install in the next couple weeks gotta get stuff painted first:

I'll post pics with the new parts as soon as they get painted and I get to install them.
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looking good.

I was surprised at the quality of the downforce skirts
I only go OEM but my 1996 re-build the owner wanted to upgrade
and OEM is crazy expensive so I got the downforce skirts/door inserts
and they fit like a glove.

more pics please
The downforce product is awesome! So far the finish is amazing and the fit is great but I only installed the plate garnish so far lol.

It's really hot out so I'm in the house cooling off, in a bit I'll go out and start the side scoops. I'll post completed pics soon
Finally finished with the carbon pieces. Fits great. The license plate garnish is in with the ccfl light bar. And I just finished the side scoops. I didn't use the mesh supplied cause I thought it would look too "ricey" so I modified the original vents on to the DF scoops. I think it looks way better.




It started to rain hard here so I don't have any pics of the car outside the garage but once it clears up I'll post some. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can have the 02 sides and trunk spoiler painted and installed.
It ended up being a great today, went for a small cruise in to town and decided to take some pics with the new parts on, finally got a set of oe front calipers from my buddy John to replace the TL ones the car came with. Stops way better now also.





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Sorry, I saw "Bruce Wayne" build.:redface:

Haha it's a long story but to sum it up, some friends and I were around the car one day when I first got it and one of them mentioned the car looked like a bat mobile.

Suddenly one of them said its Bruce Wayne lol so we sorta refer to the car as Bruce Wayne now lol hahaha I know I know.....


Here are some better pics. I'm need of coilovers ASAP the front always looks higher then the rear I hate it!
Just got myself two new additions that I should have installed next week. Interior electrical additions, one is the s2000 cluster and second is the s2000 start button. I'll be wiring and installing everything next week. Pictures to follow....
So I finally got around to mounting the s2k cluster and started the wiring process.

Thanks xtory82 for the mounting plate! Awesome job on it.

Just waiting for a couple of adapters to come in and probably finishing off the rest of the wiring this weekend.



Although the plate looks good in aluminum I think I'm going to open it back up and either paint it flat black or anodize it black we'll see.

Also going to reprogram the s2k cluster to read the same mileage as the original cluster since I'm a bit anal about those things. I'll most likely start the start button install next week.
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Saw it in person last night at Erfta. Looks bad ass and definitely more updated. +1 on painting it black!! Bruno let's do this to mine bro. Can you help me source the part?? I'll drive up to your neck of the woods for the install.