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Buffering Coilover hats with rubber ??

strut body threaded in correctly? is the damper able to use full travel? spring rate changed on the perch?

Last week I encountered ALL of the above on a WRX, (so badly it killed the shock absorbers)

I'll check all of this out toomorow when I get it all setup at the shop.
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Sounds like it could be the same issue i encounterd on that WRX.

The car would crash over every bump making very disturbing sounds.
After removing the wheels it was clear,
The right rear strut wasn't correctly adjusted and wasn't threaded down correctly pushing the shock assy up to the top mount giving about 1 cm of suspension travel, the springs where super compressed.

Some one randomly tried to adjust it with out any knowledge,
Front of the car head the problem other way round the springs where lose between the top mount and spring perch/bolt (it cut a trough 2 brake lines!)
I think that is just the nature of pillowball mounts. I had the same issues with my car. It came with Toda coilovers, very harsh. Replaced with KWs but used aftermarket pillowball mounts because I didnt have stock mounts, and noticed they were still very harsh over small road irregularities. Bought some used stock mounts and have noticed quite an improvement in ride quality.