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Bump steer kit required following suspension modifications?

20 January 2008
A couple of years ago, I installed a Comptech front camber bushing kit and I'm wondering if I need to check the bumpsteer?
In fact, I only installed the top bushing kit as it also helps pull the top of the tires inside the fenders with the low wheel offsets I'm using.
This setting provides 2°30' of camber.
From what I understand about the bumpsteer kits available, they basically lower the actuation point on the front knuckle by shimming the outboard track rod end.
I suppose, this is in the right direction to correct the bumpsteer introduced by moving the top of the knuckle inboard?
Last but not least is it worth the effort?
Camber doesn't affect bumpsteer. You can put a dial gauge on a plate bolted to your upright and measure your current bumpsteer to see where you are at, but in short, you're probably fine.
Sorry if I'm wrong here, but wasnt the purpose of the front NSX's suspension from the ground up to eliminate bump steer? I recall there being a part that is called "anti-bumpsteer" :p
Not if the beam pivot is held by a compliance clamp, which is a popular modification for those tracking their NSX.
Many also introduce bumpsteer when lowering the suspension dramatically over OEM. The geometry is all set up for the massive fender gap we all see on a factory suspension car.

I would guess many of us are 1" to 1.5" lower than factory which lowers the roll center and introduces a fair amount of bump steer that the compliance pivot wasn't designed to accommodate.
I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to suspension but I have just installed a set of KW V3 Clubsports and lowered my '91 by about 1.25" and feel what I perceive as bumpsteer introduced into the ride. Any time I hit an uneven spot in the road the steering pulls, which gets worse when at speed and I had a full alignment done after the coilovers were installed, car tracks dead straight on flat roads and at low speeds.
Is anyone able to recommend a solution without going noncompliance?