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Buyers falling through in Canada

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1 May 2001
Point of No Return
Be careful here on Prime in Canada. I have had two fellow Canadians waste over a month and a half of my time on a set of wheels I have for sale. Both made offers, I accepted them, and then...POOF!! They disappeared! Ignored PM's, until over a week later with some lame excuses as to why they could not honor their accepted offers. Why make an offer you cannot back up, or have any risk of not being able to do? Sorry guys, this is NSX Prime. If you cannot scrape together money for a used set of wheels, sell your car and buy a Civic. Grrrrrr. :mad:

Side note...I love both of the sets of wheels you have for sale. Your NSX is one of my favorites on NSX Prime. I hope to see it next time I am in town. Best of luck selling your wheels.
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I've had this happen twice on prime as well with US buyers (it doesn't seem to matter though). I pack the stuff up for shipping, get the shipping quote, all with an agreement to buy and as you said "Poof" they were gone. It's very frustrating.

Some people only do business with Prime members with good itrader ratings. I can understand why.
Lots of posers, talk and no cash or it could be the fear of commitment; play is easy until it comes time to pay. Oh wait that’s marriage.

If I got all the work from people who Email me and say, I need to get XXXX repaired give me your shipping address and payment info I would not have any time to sleep. I don’t get excited about anything that may be on the way anymore. My most favorite are the “need it yesterday” and sends it without payment, I do the work and then wait weeks for the payment to arrive.
I understand the problem, but if you have a specific issue with someone making a deal and then flaking out you would like to report, please create a new thread in accordance with the general forum rules. Thanks.
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