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buying a bmw m3

1 February 2005
Dallas, TX
Thinking of buying a used '02 BMW M3 for a daily driver....

any advice would be appreciated....

of course, I am still keeping my NSX :)
01 or 02 doesn't really matter since they are essentially the same car. The cars with the engine main bearing problem should have all been recalled by now and the engines rebuilt. All of the E46 M3 have a problem with the engine software so cold start and running can be a problem, rough idle and sputtering when the engine is not warmed up. Your preference on transmission. I have the 6 speed and it's OK, not as nice as the NSX. Check the brakes, I have 65K miles and they are still in great shape but I recently had the opportunity to buy pads and rotors at a great price but this was still $700. I would try and get a certified car to get advantage of the extended warranty (the warranty is transferable so if you are the third owner, you still get the warranty). Also, all of the cars on the recall got the upgraded engine warranty so a 2001 may be the way to go. If you have any specific questions, let me know. I have an 01 M3 with 65K miles.

the car im considering has 44K miles and has not had the service done... (the engine rod work)....

i spoke to bmw service and they said that they could do it now.. its not a problem and its not urgent....

i can also get an extended warranty for another 4 yrs/48K miles from now....

question is.... finance or lease????
as i expect the value of the car to go down with the new M3 model coming out soon... but leases are generally bad.....

hmmmm... what should I do????
I just took a deposit on my 02 M3 demo and I can tell you that after on 72 hours.... Im dying to pick up another one ASAP. :wink:
How long are you going to keep the car? I plan on driving mine into the ground as my daily driver so I bought the car. Also, a big question is price. In regards to the engine work, it isn't urgent unless you spin the bearings at which point you are stranded. There is not supposed to be any major warning except possibly some engine noise. My car was running great, they did the work and it doesn't run so well now. Back to the dealer, again. Are you interested in an 01? :biggrin:

hmmmm.... what do you mean it doesnt run so well now????
those kinds of words make me a little nervous :frown:
I just took a deposit on my 02 M3 demo and I can tell you that after on 72 hours.... Im dying to pick up another one ASAP. :wink:

The phoenix yellow cab?