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Buzzing Noise in Radio Area/Climate Control Area?

14 February 2012
Melbourne, Aus
Hi all,

My NSX is emitting a quiet but audible medium to high buzzing noise which sounds like inside the radio/head unit / Climate Control vicinity.

It makes the noise even if the radio or climate control is off.

I've done a bit of reading and it sounds like two possible reasons are:

1) Speaker amps

2) Iridium spark plugs (I'm not sure whether iridium spark plugs are installed)

Hoping someone has come across something similar. Thanks!
Could be the aspirator fan since that is a common problem. It's below the ashtray on the right. Where the button of the e brake is when down.

aspirator fan

Just wanted to provide a quick update......it was the aspirator fan......got rid of the gunk and also did the adjustment......she's humming away nicely.

Thanks all!!!