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c/f brake cooling ducts install pics

17 September 2002
Southampton UK
Hi guys

the latest stage in making my NSX more unsuitable for the road is the removal of the a/c condensers & fans and front foglights and the redesignation of the vacated spaces as brake duct housings.

I photgraphed the work as I did it this morning - took me 3 hours from start to finish.

here's the lovely c/f brake ducting for both sides


here's some closer views of the ducting for each side



here's the o/s side ducting arranged (almost) in the configuration it will have when installed - 2 views



so, onto the job of installation....

step 1 - get the car up on the lift

step 2 - remove front wheels

step 3 - remove the vented sections at the front of the inner wheel arch liners - here they are removed


step 4 - unscrew and pull back the front section of the inner wing liner - here's a relevant pic from the offside


step 5 - then you need to unbolt the bracket holding the condenser & fan in place - there's 3 bolts, 2 at the top as shown below in a pic from the offside, and another one at the bottom which I forgot to photograph


now the whole unit is only connected by one electrical connector and 2 refrigerant pipes - see the below pic of the nearside unit


step 6 - unclip the electric fan connector as shown in the below pic of the nearside unit


step 6 - disconnect the refrigerant hoses from the condenser units - see below both nearside and offside connections - strangely they are different sizes from one side to the other



step 7 - now you can remove the whole condenser unit together with electric fan and mounting bracket. See the void left behind in the nearside below


step 8 - remove the front foglight - real easy job in 2 parts. Part one, just undo the connector shown below in the nearside view from the front


and part two, remove the 2 bolts shown in the below nearside rear view


here's the bits removed from the nearside


while I'm in here I need to remove my earlier cooling solution, the Dali deflectors, as they are no longer needed and not compatible with the brake ducting kit


so now we have a lovely big hole for airflow where we used to have a foglight and a/c condenser


step 9 - we need to remove a few of the lower bumper bolts in order to bend it forward a bit to get the ducting in and connected before bolting it back into place again


step 10 - put the front and mid sections in situ and connect them together - practice connecting them out of situ first, it seems like they do not go, but insert the long edge of the mid section into the front section and it all becomes clear. this is how it should look when put in place


step 11 - flex the new duct hole in your lower bumper with your fingers sufficiently to get the front section in the right place like in the nearside pic below


once you have got it fitted in there snugly it should look like this


step 12 - replace the bolts you removed from the lower bumper to make it all tight again like so


step 13 - fit the rear section around the other side of the suspension piece and cable tie securely to the upper wishbone - as the suspension moves up & down the rear section 'hinges' where it fits against the mid section


here are a couple of pics of the whole thing now installed in the nearside



Then do the same again for the offside - a few pics of the offside bits below







here's a front view all finished


and here's all the bits that are no longer needed (I weighed them - they are 13kg in total)


I hope some of you find this helpful and possibly inspirational for your own modification programs, if you want to do this mod yourself you will of course need to get youself the c/f ducting kit which is available for just $425 from Dali Racing

if you fancy some additional cooling for your brakes but don't want to go to the extreme measures of the ducting install above, then you may want to go for the Dali c/f deflectors at $125 a pair or the Dali Aluminium deflectors at $45 a pair instead - both mount in place of the weedy oem deflectors using the oem mountings & bolts.
then you may want to go for the Dali c/f deflectors at $125 a pair or the Dali Aluminium deflectors at $45 a pair instead
Except the weight and material, what is the difference between the 2?

Do I have to take off the splash guard?? Trimming is needed for Stock 15/16??
Awesome write-up! kg is 2.2lbs, right? So total weight of the stock parts removed is 28.6lbs and then take out two or three pounds out of that total and that's a nice weight savings!

Thanks! Awesome write-up Mate!

I also have the Dali CF Brake ducts that I have not fitted to my TT NSX as yet so this write-up has just become my install manual!!! :biggrin:

Tell me... What (if anything) are you doing for the rear cooling?