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CalgaryNSX Cruise - Saturday August 16

2 October 2007
If anyone else is interested, 2pm Second Cup in Westhills (beside the Montanas Restaurant) Saturday . So far its me, nsex_love, and Dam.

PM me, phone me (333-9323), email me ([email protected]) or just show up. Weathers nice, it'll be a blast!
Thanks for listing our location were meeting at! I was busy at work all day and
just got home. I'll see all you guys at 2 PM at Second Cup in Westhills! Sound be a run ride out!
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Good cruise, weather was awesome, now only if DAM could keep up with us it would have been perfect :biggrin:

Jadden - great to meet you, John - thanks for ditching work for a few hours to hang with us, and Greg - nice to see you just out in your NSX!

Jaddens got all the pictures and videos. Hopefully they'll be posted soon. My favorite ones will be where he's always in my rear view mirror trying to keep up!

Lets setup one more cruise before fall. Maybe with enough leadtime, we'll have more cars out and maybe end with a bbq or something. Jadden and I will take the lead and organize up something.

Keep up?...lol...that was pretty phat...it was fun watching you guys disappear into the distance...lol...actually, I forgot to gas-up before we went on our tour...lol...so when we got back to 17th I limped into Shell to juice-up! Then I could not find y'all...then saw you going the other way:frown: Anyway...it was a blast...especially when you guys threw caution to the wind and all prospects of getting a speeding ticket...lol...following you guys as you zipped through traffic was crazy...you guys should ahve seen the faces on the people as you blazed a trail through traffic:biggrin: They were just in awe as the 4 NSXs zipped through calgary...lol..way phat.

It was great meeting you guys for the first time and I really enjoyed racing around Calgary with a few other NSX’s! I will be getting those photos and videos up in the next couple of days. It’s a good thing I brought a photographer to document the meet. I just have to wait for him to send them over, which should be in a few days

John your cars quick man! I had a hard time keeping up and I was supposed to be the one leading!! Lol

We’ll have to organize another cruise in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps to Lake Louise? John was saying that he might be able to hook us up with a cheap room if anyone wants to stay over night. That’s something to start discussing in our next NSX meet thread.

I ended up meeting two other NSX car enthusiasts on 17 Ave. One was getting his engine repaired my speed of science so his car was out of service. He owns a 92 with a comptech supercharger and exposed headlights. The other NSX was some guy I meet at 2 in the morning who I parked right behind on the street and stirred up a little conversation about his car. Ironically I thought it was actually Dam’s black 91 automatic NSX but when I looked a little closer it was an updated 01 NSX with updated rear and front bumpers and an 02 tail light set up! Nice car and the owner might want to come cruising with us on our next NSX meet!

What happened to coming to Melrose for a beer Dam? Couldn’t find any parking? There was parking right across from Melrose so you could have sight of your car if you were worried about it. We’ll have to go out some other time. Do you have a busy work schedule? What did you end up doing after the cruise? Seemed like we ended up losing you! You’re just too quick of a driver. :p

John you took off pretty quick and I forgot to get your phone number. It would be appreciated if you could PM me it. Thanks. Could you do the same as well Dam.
That NSX thats being repaired (if its the same one) is sitting at my friends shop in springbank with no motor. Very very nice car.

And DAM, now I see why your license plate starts with HUG, its because people pick on you too much :biggrin:

Lets definitely do one more cruise before summers end.
I went golfing after I lost you guys...if anyone wants a free round at shaganappi, confederation, mccall or maple ridge...just email me:smile:

Hey guys,
Good to meet up and get a quick drive in even though it was too short for such a beautiful day. Hope we can do it again with some greater numbers.

We need to get Ryan back into a NSX again to organize some meets.:smile:
I thought the cruise was great! But it seemed like everyone wanted to only be out for a couple hours. Next time we'll do something much longer. Maybe a night over at the Fairmount like John insisted on. What do you think Will?
Some pics of our cruise. Stay tunned for some vids!


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I might think about bringing my professional photographer to our next NSX meet. He has a camera that costed him close to $4000.00 and he showed up at the Zahir's car meet at Melrose and it made quite the difference in picture quality. I'll be posting those soon. The difference in quality is night and day.

Hope to keep in touch with all you guys! We should start planning out something soon! I know I can get at least 4 other guys out for our next meet. Should be twice as good as the first and 4 times longer the cruise!
Nice pix! I don't remember follow John though???? Must have slowed down to answer my cell phone and he passed me:smile:

Im out for Sylvan Lake (long weekend, not in town), but lets see if we can setup a larger meet for Saturday Sept 6th. Ive emailed Cody (sinisfun) for the email addresses for all the alberta guys with NSX's. Maybe we can all hit up DAM for a round of golf in the AM and then end it with a cruise/bbq somewhere or maybe we can all cruise out to Sylvan and hang with the boys from up north?