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canadian nsx

27 August 2001
I've seen a number of canadian nsx's advertised at various websites. Are there any distinct differences between u.s. and canadian vehicles (ie performance, maintenance, parts, etc.)? Thanks for your help.
The NSX FAQ (answers to Frequently Asked Questions) has a table of contents at http://www.nsxprime.com/toc.htm

Look towards the end of the section called "Model Information" (under the "General Info" heading) to view differences between NSX's based on the market where they are sold.
The obvious differences are:
1. Speedo is in Km/hr (with mph in smaller print)
2. They have daytime running lights - fog lights that stay on until you turn your headlights on.
I can't imagine engine & tranny will be any different. Oh yes, the radio only picks up Canadian stations.