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Can't recover old account

14 December 2003
I had an account here I created in 2003 and I can't for the life of me recover it. I hadn't logged into that account since 2017. I've tried putting in my email address to see if I can recover it, but it couldn't match my email to that user account. Are there any moderators that can help me here?
Thanks for the help!
Seeking help with recovering old account.
NuccaJB is my other account that I accessed through 2014, but cannot log in because the system doesn't match my username to my email for that user account. The username NuccaJB is recognized as a registered account and is active. I have submitted a ticket but never received closure. I opened this account to hopefully get some help with this issue. Can I get some help from an administrator please?
Responded to your msg on my profile. Keep in mind that we are all volunteers that do this in our spare time.