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Car Cover

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FYI, all orders have been placed in the queue. Thank you.

I'm interested in ordering a trunk mat for my NSX and a car cover for my Miata. BUT Every time I try to click on your website address I get a browser warning (?) :confused:
yep, getting a malware warning in chrome with nod32 antivirus.

When I ordered my cover, it arrived in Toronto within a week. If anyone wants more higher quality/specific pics, let me know. My car is stored in a garage that's been under construction. Thick dust covered it every week... the cover has been great.
My apologies regarding the website. I just contacted the hosting company and they did confirm that it has been compromised:eek:

While my Internet security does note that it protected from a malicious attack, it does open it normally thereafter. A system refresh of the website to a prior date didn't fix it. Seems like I might have to shut it down and develop a new website unless I can find what file was hacked; and that is well beyond my techie brain especially since it is not even in HTML language.

As for inquiries, please send me a PM and I will follow up with you.

Ordered mine today! Looking forward to keeping the dust off my baby as she goes in the garage for the winter.
Yes, thank you for your order. But what winter do you speak of :wink:

It's not the weather... I just get too busy over the winter to drive her :frown:
some pics of fitment in case the website is still down:


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Thanks for posting pictures. We have identified the two code injections and we believe it has been fixed. We are awaiting Google to release the block. But the website does open with my AOL/Internet Explorer after a notice from an antivirus software that a malaware was blocked.

You can compare to this discussion too: http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=89916


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