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Car covers options?


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15 May 2004
I might be a little bit late after 27 years thinking about a car cover for winter storage but what the options are out there. I've seen SoS has one. Other sources? Experiences (not to use one)? Thanks.
I don't use one for the garage.
I have the SOS cover. Very good fitment, soft fabric, multiple colors. Can't go wrong IMO. Perfect indoor cover.
SOS Cover is a great cover! I bought the cover and bag. I would definitely recommend it.

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I bought the Science of Speed covers for my NSX and S2000 and have been pleased with them both. They're high quality, fit well, and pamper the car's finish with a very soft material on the cover's underside.

Nice garage, Ken! In comparison, mine looks like Sanford & Son's garage, with a lot of junk threatening to fall onto the cars! :(
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I've received mine just before Christmas. The fitment is very good. It's tailored to the car's shape and the price is accordingly as well. :) A little bit expensive but as the saying goes: "you are what you wear". Source: Classic Additions UK.

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I have the SOS one. The material is fantastic and fits well. For indoor it is an excellent choice.