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Car seat selection

21 August 2011
Northern Virginia
I have read through numerous threads on car seats and come to the conclusion that the Recaro Start is/was a great seat. They no longer produce however I can still get one but Recaro only recommends using them for 6-8 years from the manufactering date which would be 4-5 years old as of now. A few other post mention getting a recaro seat but does not provide the model number.

What brand and model fits good in the NSX (between the bolsters)? Can you post your expereince with a car seat in the NSX so I can better determine what will and will not work? Pictures would be great as well.

Thanks in advance,

However, if you happen to be a very heavy set person,

Any by that he means anything bigger than this:

If I'm reading correctly you are talking about a baby or child seat to fit the stock NSX seats right? I have a Recaro Start that I use for my son. He is going to be 9 years old now, but he is on the small side and still weighs less than 80 lbs so he still uses a booster seat. Anyway, it fits very well and one of the few booster seats I know of that fit in the snug NSX seat. As for an 8 or so year usage date after manufacturing I don't know what could expire. Its made of an aluminum frame, foam, and fabric. Unless aluminum has an 8 year shelf life I think it will be fine. I've been using the same seat since 2003.
Anyone reading this thread ...If your NSX is a 93 or later U.S. model it has a passanger side air bag. Have it disabled if you plan to use a rear-facing child seat. (Did they initially come with a disable switch? Mine's a 91 and it's been many years since either of my boys would fit into any child seat.)