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Carl at Honda C&M (Houston, Tx)

11 September 2013
Sugar Land TX
He easily works on more than 12 of our local NSXs and has been doing it for years. He did my PPI and timing belt/water pump when I purchased the car and there's always 1 or 2 NSXs in his shop getting service.
Carl is the NSX Guru at Honda C&M off I-59S in Stafford, Tx. He has a passion and lots of knowledge for our cars. I and others would definitely recommend him.

Only one that I take my baby too. As you can see from my last visit he is the guy to see for NSX service. If you agree and want to get him added to the NSX specialist shop map please endorse this thread and let others know we have a good shop in Houston area to use.




Super friendly, always eager to help, very knowledgeable, factory trained ex-Acura dealership tech...and reasonable shop pricing!

If you have an NSX in the Houston area, you will WANT to get to know Carl!
Carl reset two of my codes and checked a loose battery connector being the culprit and didn't charge me a dime! He is an awesome guy! Call him all the time and he is never too busy to answer a question.
Just thought I would add the guys at C&M Honda were gracious enough to open up the shop on August 15th (normally closed on weekend) and allow us to use the space for our HUGO window fix it tour.