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Casino Pearl White

17 March 2002
Ontario, CANADA
Does anyone have some decent pictures of the NSX in casino pearl white? I have seen a few pics that look like the cwp but am not 100% sure that it's not a silver car.

Have to put in my order in this week and have to decide between the casino white pearl or black.

Dealerships should have paint samples. I would consider making a trip over to a dealer and having a look with your own eyes

My Dealer (or any dealer in Canada) does not have the samples yet. I did see them last week at the auto show but I'd like to see the color on a car in natural lighting before committing.
We have a casino white being built in May. From the photos I have seen it looks fantastic. The owner has just backed after sittting in a NSX. Pretty tight space for big guys. Hopefully I'm not the only one who likes this colour.
That should read he backed out after he found the space to tight.

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I ended up going with Casino white and received my car in Sept 2016. I love the color.
Good to hear. I'm looking forward to the arrival of this NSX. This will be our 4th NSX.

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Congratulation, dose Casino White looks like metallic pearl white that shines like a silver in the right lighting?
yes^ after seeing one in the flesh that is a good description..except less pearl..