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CCU Fix by BrianK

13 January 2008
Corpus Christi, TX
Greetings Everyone,
Just wanted to appreciate the good job BrianK has been doing for us in fixing our CCUs. My '93 CCU failed 3 weeks ago. It would not power up at all. Sent the CCU control board to Brian to troubleshoot and now it's operating perfect again. Thanks Brian. Keep up the good work.
Had Brian do my driver's door amp & CCU last month. Quick turn around and provided helpful links for getting amp & CCU circuit board out of their housings. Repaired parts seem to be working fine now.
Mailed my CCU to BrianK without ever actually speaking to him... just had the confidence to mail it out to him just from all of the positive feedback on Prime. I had it back within days! My A/C works perfectly now. Very relieved to have someone like him here to help us!