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Cedar Ridge Fabrication Harmonic Shield $50!!!! CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL

8 November 2003
Portland OR
Cedar Ridge Fabrication Harmonic Shield $50!!!! CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL

Super deep discount on a must have NSX part.

The Cedar Ridge Crankshaft Damper Pulley Shield is installed behind the crankshaft pulley as an added layer of protection between the factory crankshaft damper pulley and the timing belt. The factory crankshaft damper pulley is composed of two steel halves sandwiching a rubber damper layer. These halves have separated on NSX under track conditions. This steel shield adds a layer of protection against the pulley cutting into the plastic timing belt covers causing timing belt damage which may result in engine damage.

Heavy duty version normally $75....

Buy it today for $50, we can ship USPS Priority for $8 to US address, only $58 shipped in the US.

You can PP me at '[email protected]'



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Hey Moderator...I put this in the wrong forum, can you flip it over to 1st gen?

Thanks, I'll try not to do this again...
No longer CYBER MONDAY but we are still doing a special offer as FREE SHIPPING TUESDAY

Pay today and we will ship USPS Priority for free!