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DIY: CRF Crank Damper Pully Shield (91-05)

3 May 2020
Keep your valves and pistons from high fiving each other with this cheap piece of insurance. This is for the 1991-2005 Acura/Honda NSX. If the damper inside the crank pulley separates from the pulley, it will wear through your timing belt and cause catastrophic engine failure. Buy this CRF pulley shield and have piece of mind.

Products used:
-CRF Pulley Shield (Normal Version): https://kuyaauto.com/collections/new-aftermarket-nsx-parts/products/crf-harmonic-balancer-shield
-CRF Lightweight Pulley Shield: https://www.scienceofspeed.com/inde...y-shield-lightweight-version-nsx-1991-05.html

Tools Required:
-Torque Wrench capable of 181 ft*lbs
-10mm, 12mm, 14mm Sockets and Open/Box Wrenches
-Allen Wrenches
-1/2" Drive Breaker Bar
-45mm Crank Pulley Holder: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Tool-W80496-Pulley-Holding/dp/B002KS5RP8

0:00 - Why you need it
1:11 - Summary of install
2:03 - Remove Alternator Belt
4:00 - Remove A/C Belt
5:09 - Remove Crank Pulley
7:09 - Damper Explanation
8:40 - Shield Install
9:24 - Pulley Install
9:50 - Tool Time
10:49 - Torque Crank Bolt