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Change your exhaust, change your RRFPR setting!

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
I took off my backyard built Flowmaster muffler on the weekend and installed one of my stock 91 mufflers I cored out a bit. The reason being, I wanted a quieter ride down to Nsxpo.
I let my lift down and started my car and found the engine running rough and rich on my A/F gauge.
I cranked down the RRFPR from about 48-50 psi down to 44 psi and everything is very nice now.
I did not realize a muffler change would make that much difference.
Like you guys have said, each setup is going to require different settings.
I can see why some people said to start at 42 psi and work it up as you dyno it.
I went up to 52 psi on my third run and started up at 48 psi.
Well, that's just about it for now.
91 low boost whipple, Top Speed Headers, Stock Catz.
We going to have some POWER to spin the WallyWorld tires Bro :biggrin: