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Charlotte Area- Cars and Coffee- Saturday July 5th! NC Music Factory

7 November 2007
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Area- Cars and Coffee at the NC Music Factory- Sat July 5th!
Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee - Uptown Charlotte

Mattie's Diner / NC Music Factory Uptown Village-Main Lot
1000 NC Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte NC 28206

Saturday July 5th, 2014

7:30am until!​

Happy 4th of July to us all! What could be more American than to get together and talk cars! If the weather permits we will have a beautiful day and great turn out. Last month it was refreshing to see such a large turnout and everyone seems to be on their best behavior! I want to take a second to thank both Foreign Cars International for their generous donation that paid for the Sheriff's Deputies (once again) that helped control the crowd and for Peter N. at Automotive International for his generous donation of the signage that reminds us all of the privilege that it is to be guest at the NC Music factory. Also thank you to the NC Music Factory and Mattie's for giving us another chance to show how great this event is and how mature this crowd can be. Without the support we would not have such a grand event. Just to restate the rules for those that may have missed it or those that just need a reminder.

Here are the rules:

-Absolutely no burnouts or horse play in the lot or the roads out front. It is irresponsible and safety is a huge concern for us. This is a one strike rule!. Violators will be asked not to return and the mater will be turned over to the CMPD/Sheriff's Dept.
-The Uptown division of the Mecklenburg police department is well aware of our event and will patrol the area. Speeding and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated on the public road out front or on the NC Music Factory's property. 911 will be called if antics prevail and the CMPD will respond!

-No vendors will be allowed to set up tables, booths or tents. As before you can hand out fliers if you wish but no signage or structures allowed.
-Trailers, box trucks and haulers will be asked to use lot #2 for parking, spaces are at a premium and these vehicles take up too much space and maneuvering them around is too high a risk for accidents.
-We need to leave the facilities better than we find them on each visit. NC Music Factory is letting us use this facility free of charge so we need to respect it, there are trash cans throughout the property please do please do not litter.
-Parking nearest to the Diner is reserved for regular restaurant patrons. We have the other 662 spaces!


-there will be uniformed officers stationed at two points on the property, with one being in the turn lane of the frontage road. We hope this will deter any burnouts, rapid rates of speed and general idiotic moves leaving the parking lot.
-We are asking the bystanders that stand in front of the dinner to disperse, if those leaving don't have an audience of on lookers and video cameras it will greatly decrease the incidents that are possible. There is plenty of room in the parking look to take pictures and see the cars up close.
-Removing the on lookers at the entrance also will reduce the chances of anyone getting hurt by a vehicle that looses control.

The T-Shirts are still not ready. The concept and art work was not quite right we want to take another stab at it to get it right.

***We will be selling a Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee T-Shirt with all the proceeds going to pay the fees for the deputies that will be on duty at each event as well as additional signage needed. I think instead of taking donations a T-Shirt that we can create and sell to generate funds to have the event be self-sufficient is best. We hope to have these ready for the 1st event but it may be the 3rd event.

Hope to see you Saturday and thank you for helping this event I stay safe and in place for years to come!