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Chicago Crew: where do you go to get your car DETAILED?

I used to detail cars on the weekends but then i got lazy and now rarely even do my own cars. :tongue:

This guy does most of my friends cars. Does good work.


that sounds like me! but in the mechanic side lol
6-7 years ago, my weekends consist of swapping engines and boring shit out of any hondas and toyotas!------------now, i pay someone to do my oil change! :/
Ha we are in the works of setting something up. This time just NSX owners.

How do Sundays work for you?

usually sundays is my free day/car/bike time for me!

i work fri or sat night, but im usually bored on sundays-------i find myself sitting at chipotle in SOW for brunch and checking out the cougars LOL
I used to go to simmons until they just scratched up my mdx. There was some concrete drops on it and the guy scrubbed it off then proceeded to dry the car with particles in the towel scratching up the clear coat all the way down one side. The guy told me it was my fault for bringing it in with concrete on it, as if I new. I think about all he was willing to do was give me a deal on a clay bar wax. I said I'll take business and all my friends business elsewhere. If you want something done right I guess you have to do it yourself.
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simons behind webster place