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Chris Chronic Did Not Deliver

1 March 2012
Chris Chronic advertised several NSX parts on Prime and I bought 4 parts from him at full price approximately 1 month ago. I sent him a $400.00 money order, he acknowledged via email that he received it , however he will not send the parts and he will not respond to my emails or phone calls. Based on my experience I would strongly suggest that you be very careful if you choose to do business with him. Has anyone else had similiar problems?
He listed his 91 NSX on craigslist a month ago and I bought it from him. Met up with him to purchase his car, he seemed like a good guy. PM me.
UPDATE: One hour after I posted my message Chris called me and let me know the parts were shipping out today. I am not sure if that is what prompted the call or not, but it appears the matter is resolved. I feel it is only fair to tell the entire story.
I had a similar experience. Had to file a claim through paypal after numerous emails with no response and then everything went smooth. Got my stuff as agreed.