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Chrome wheels

23 May 2001
Oswego, IL
Quick question. My OEM wheels on my 92 NSX are getting in farily bad shape. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with having old wheels chromed? I can not really afford to plunk down $1500+ for nice set of wheels so I thought this might be an option. Thanks.

I've heard of guys dealing with Discount Tire and various others getting a "quality" chroming on factory rims as low as 100.00 per rim.To me I'd be willing to pay 100.00-150.00 per rim.
The rims I got from discount were Zinnetti 17" front and 18" rear with Pirrelli P-7000's mounted and balanced costed. $2,080.00 out the door which I thought was very reasonable (P.S> I knew the counter guy and he applied every discount available without getting too much slack from the store manager)Which reminds me I owe him a Christmas gift that I'll drop off today.
Good Luck

If you are willing to mail order, Eddco in Santee, CA (San Diego) has the very best reputation for wheel repair and chroming in S. Cal. I was referred to them by two other places, an Acura dealer and another wheel company that uses Eddco do all thier wheel repairs. See ad below. Maybe give them a call. I have not used Eddco yet, but I have talked to them about chroming my OEM wheels, and when I do it, Eddco will get the job. They use more coats/steps and have a better warrantee than any other wheel company by far, and they only wanted $125/wheel. I asked them why they shut their website down, and they said they had too much business already and didn't have time to keep it current. Also, I found this website by a guy who used Eddco when restoring his Jensen Interceptor wheels. http://www.users.cts.com/sd/p/pnorton/interceptor.html Have a look. Best luck.

EDDCO Wheel & Specialty Services
Wheel Repair, Custom Chrome Plating, Custom Polishing and More! We Service Insurance Companies, Body Shops, Tire Dealers, and Private Parties!

(I can't find their phone number, but you could call information)

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
An option closer to home is Transwheel, which has a facility in the Chicago area. I believe they deal mostly with dealers and mechanics, so you might need to go through your local mechanic to get your wheels refinished. Expect to pay $100-150 per wheel.

Polishing may be a better option than chroming. See the FAQ for the difference.

Also, sets of chromed or polished wheels occasionally turn up on eBay.


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Thanks Ken. I checked the FAQ but did not see much on polishing except for the center cap. Do some people take the paint off and then go with a polished metal look? Might be nice, but I am unsure if I have ever seen such a thing. I could also be misunderstanding you. Take care.

Chrome wheels also hinder performance because chrome increases the weight of the wheel significantly. I would polish the car and then have it clearcoated.


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Hmmm, maybe polishing is the way to go. Has anyone ever seen polished OEM wheels for the 92? I guess it would be just a shiney version of the silve paint.