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Cleaning Vinyl Wrap

26 April 2007
Destin FL
I have a matte black vinyl wrap on my car and have found that using windex wipes is by far the easiest way to clean. Takes about 5 minutes and 5 wipes to do the whole car. I have also used Armor All glass wipes and they were just as effective.

I don't like washing the car with soap and water unless it is muddy. It is a pain to get all the water spots off the matte finish.

Hope this helps since there are a few owners with wraps.
I have gloss white and black wrap. Its now 3 yrs old and after an intial month of not washing, I now treat the car as if painted, ie washing, drying and have even applied a few coats of wax that I top up with detail spray.

For anyone else considering a wrap, it is a great way to offer a fresh look for your NSX and does provide additional protection from rock chips etc.

However, you must accept and be prepared to live with the fact that you will not get the depth of shine (assuming not matt) for a wrap. On the upside it has scored brownie points with the family as I spend less time cleaning and polishing!

For matt wraps the company I used recommend washing with a good quality washing up liquid rather than a car wash as this will remove grease and finger marks and keep the matt finish in good shape.

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