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Clear Bra Installation Completed - SE Michigan

6 August 2013
Chula Vista, CA
When I purchased my car from Chris Willson (Science of Speed) last August, the front bumper had been repainted. The car had an invisible bra installed on the entire hood, front fenders, one headlight cover and both mirrors. Thank you to NSX member alum04org for recommending Larry @ Paint Protection Plus in Plymouth, MI. Larry installed 3M film on the driver's side headlight cover and the entire front bumper with the utmost care and detail. The final outcome exceeded my expectations - especially since I knew the amount of prep work that he needed to do in order to achieve the desired results. Just a day before, I was told by a professional detailer that I needed to have the entire bumper sanded and re-sprayed in order to have a clear bra installed. Larry examined the bumper in his well lit shop and told me that he could prep and install the film. Here's a pic of his work...you be the judge.

If you're looking to have an clear bra product installed, either 3M or XPEL...give Larry a call. You won't have any more rock chips, you won't worry about driving your car more often and most of all, you won't regret it.

Paint Protection Plus


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For 3M installed on the front bumper (upper & lower) and the left headlight cover, the total was $595 out the door. Give Larry a call and he can give you a quote. I think they quoted me $995 last year for the front bumper, entire hood, both headlight covers, both fenders and both mirrors - the price was the same for 3M or Expel. His installation quality is second to none.
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