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20 October 2000
Hermosa Beach
Anyone know what kind of performance numbers these guys run? I just had one roll up on the way back from the gas station, he revved his engine and layed some track. The traffic situation was not good so I backed off.

I am not sure about pure numbers, but I drove one and it felt fast, nice torque curve. might be on par with some stock older NSX's, but doubtful it is faster than the 3.2.
Definitely don't mess with it in a stock 3.0L NSX. I've driven one and they are really fast. I agree though a modified 3.0L or stock 3.2L should take it but you're going to be surprised that this sedan is running damn close to you. Think about that... imagine an RL next to you...
It looked pretty quick, I think its a beautiful looking coupe. Any idea what they run for?
I'm running a 3.0w/air/headers/exhaust/supercharger/ stock gearing (not for long) it would have been fun but not at the cost of safety.
Power-to-weight ratio is a good approximation of acceleration. For this car, with 342 hp moving 3444 pounds, it's actually better than the NSX.
Edmunds has 0-60 times of 5.0 seconds. They show "true market value" pricing of a new one in the low seventies (which is over MSRP).