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Club Auto Sport car condos

26 June 2002
Fremont, CA
Does anyone want to get together and split a car condo? :tongue: I think a base unit can hold four cars at the bargain price of $250k. :biggrin:
It's a pretty cool idea, but out of my league.


Motors sports aficionados and vintage car collectors have one thing in common: a passion for some the world’s finest automobiles. Now, there’s a unique commercial condominium and club purpose built for car collector, vintage race car and motor sports enthusiast.
Club Auto Sport is:

* A safe and secure place where you can store and work on your vintage and collectible cars
* An exclusive club where you can congregate and socialize with other enthusiasts who share the same passion for and enjoyment of cars
* Convenient concierge services that can really save you a lot of valuable time and effort
* A means of creating synergy for philanthropic activities that address community needs or support worthwhile causes
No offense to the people who can afford such luxuries but I think it's a total waste of money IMO. Anyone who truly has this kind of expendible cash most likely has a killer house / garage already.....so who is their target audience?

I guess only time will tell but in this economy (recession) and crazy gas prices I can't imagine who would dump money into a car condo! LOL

Not saying I could afford one but even if I could, I'll put that money into a CD or retirement account thank you.

I got an invitation to join a Car Country Club here in Sac- lowest level entry fee is over $20K/year which entitles you to drive any of their exotics and use of their boat & private lounge. That guy must of thought I was wiping my ass with $100 bills because for another $5K I could buy a '91 NSX:rolleyes:

On the other hand, I lose about that much every year just on trading in cars.
Might be a good idea if my pockets were deeper.